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            AB Yarn
            ADD:No. 66, Qiliang South Road, Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China

            The cloth " back quota " era of stone lion beaches on the market

            The core is pointed out: Quota " era " after on January 1 next year , the global fabrics market will enter the brand-new one ". In the face of opportunity that quota limit , face " technological barrier " challenge that increase too no longer, the textile clothing of stone lion has entered once and regarded promoting quality as basic , brand-new technical revolution! Since the the beginning of this year, stone lion surface fabric enterprise or with R&D institution lead along by hand , or cooperate with large-scale companies of foreign countries, or expert income under the flag, " many pieces of leg walk" develop new product, raise surface fabric grade and quality , go out of one let nonlocal way that counterpart regards with special esteem. From January to August this year, the surface fabric of stone lion exports the batch and goods value to increase greatly , " big form " signed with clothing enterprises of domestic brand obviously increases. 

            Climb " the branches of tall trees " bravely, shake the body to turn into " the phoenix " 

            Stone lion document revitalize cloth , cloth of conduct research and develop base news of producing, base this have 12 interweave and imitate skin kinds of surface fabric not to list this month yesterday. " national itinerant exhibition " finished from this company not long ago can be seen, these 5 kinds of medium-to-high grade surface fabric and one city are well received by many manufacturers and consumer, some the next pile of thick orders of enterprises which produce the medium-to-high grade clothing brand at home. 

            The cloth transportation of these stone lion, can lie in calling the surface fabric sounded in the whole country , it is to realize leading along with the research center of the national fabrics by hand that it gets the upper hand of magic weapon, cloth this conduct evidence come domain build research and develop base , invest enough fund and personnel, the research center offers the advanced technology and perspective information, the two unite two into one, have complementary advantages, common development. " is it is it unite to produce to grind " like this have enough and to spare one year only, is it take place output cotton all kinds of , interweave and imitate leather surface fabric more than 100 to grind already, it is the products which deserve to be called " leading the consumption trend " to be many among them, on 04-05 popular surface fabric exhibitions held in the beginning of the year Beijing, there are 4 kinds of surface fabric and is selected on this base. 

            The one that is worth mentioning is, like so developing the surface fabric, thing of promoting the grade of the surface fabric cooperatively with scientific research department and expert by every possible means, already there are many families in the stone lion. Surface fabric that research and develop newly these, make cloth conduct of stone lion work out the whole country call surface fabric that sound! Mostly produce history of the middle-and-low grade surface fabric in the past after finishing the stone lions. 

            Lead along " trans-corporation " by hand and realize the break-through 

            Enter into cooperation with the international trans-corporation , this is a great shortcut that some cloth enterprises of stone lion jump over Longmen in a short time! 

            American E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company is a trans-corporation related to field of many kinds of industries, have world-leading scientific research ability and engineering level in such trades as chemical industry , electron , rubber formating , machinery ,etc., having wide international market networks, this trans-corporation walks too in front of counterparts of various countries on cloth dyeing and finishing technology in recent years. Exactly settling on this, a famous surface fabric manufacturing enterprise of stone lion is after a lot of bother, have climb and have this " big tree ", has " put up and gone to the play " with this international and famous large-scale trans-corporation , utilize this advanced technology of " giant " to develop and compound the surface fabric advancedly. This cooperation has already become effective at present, the surface fabric products produced developed occupy the domestic and international markets extensively with their original " arrogance ", 3 kinds of surface fabric are international and popular surface fabric. The S.Korean surface fabric can be rated as the world first-classly to research and develop technology , occupy first place no matter in quality or the design, and this point exactly, have by one cloth conduct " take aim " stone lion, cloth this walk by every possible means with deserve " Korea S. enterprise " is it rise to the bait to put up, produce the new surface fabric products through their research and development achievement and craft technological development, dozens of that put on market interweave surface fabric to be very in great demand , adopt for medium-to-high grade brand clothing directly not merely this year, others have already " married into " the Middle East and some American-European markets. 

            Invite " the eminent monk ", " easy to pass " to read out 

            Stone lion cloth some conduct have one's own dyeing and finishing factory, for adapt to keen competition more and more, the dyeing and finishing factory has mostly used College Enrollment of " spirit that invite " in recent years. Invite scientific and technical personnel from the R&D institution and big enterprise. Not long ago, auspicious sesame old one old brand dyeing and finishing factory of fort is it control even nitrogen exceed standard the issue to meet, Congjiang Su one dyeing and finishing research institute engage come senior engineer , spend how much solve highly difficult problem this right away, make this factory print and dye the cloth and enter the international market openly and legally. At the same time this senior engineer also solved this factory and sold problems in the link from production management to the products, make enterprise's level improve a great step . 

            Stone lion newly set up 10 dyeing and finishing factory , adopt 30 more than most of new generation domestic and international advanced dyeing and finishing equipment since as far as reporter know, last year, have relatively high expectations for technical staff in new technology, in order to remedy the vacancy that talents have, have 30% newly-set-up to dye factory engage professional engineer directly or indirectly , from large-and-middle-scale to is it dye factory call for the factory director of the production technology to knit while being state-run other places have some, check on the production technology and craft quality directly; Some is it come scientific research personnel meet from scientific research institutions difficult problem " feel pulse " by enterprise to engage, to different to dye actual state of factory is it is it tackle key problems to go on to have an object in view , solve produce and developing one pieces of difficult problem, make the quality of dyeing and finishing of the stone lion cloth be improved constantly.

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