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            Shiny fabric
            Interleaving, upper and lower beam
            High count, high density cotton fabric
            Shirt fabric
            Functional fabrics
            Elastic fabric
            AB Yarn
            ADD:No. 66, Qiliang South Road, Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China

            The second largest textile exporter of quota period after India will become

            India government expect,in India the the textiles and clothing in behind quota period become there aren't the second largest of this countries. Atul Chaturvedi of textile minister Mr. and clothing how quota say at the seminar that period compete after facing in last week India textile that hold, quota period after WTO which the Indian textile industry must make great efforts to meet after January 1 , 2005 competition . 

            Chaturvedi Mr. say WTO increase trade transparency, every have chapter have law, the trade range is expanded too, is the great progress on the basis of GATT. India northern textile research association (NITRA) president J Venkata Rao urge manufacturing industry is it strengthen automation and mechanized construction to take, introduce the new technology, in order to the challenge of period of the quota after meeting. 

            He says, in order to reduce losses that the Indian textile industry receives because of high quota threshold, the textile industry must be replied as soon as possible. Chandrima Chatterjee , economist of alliance , , cotton mill of India , say , strengthen to new equipment and investment of the market, it lose India in after quota period compete for advantage of.

            2014-09-12 15:47:03

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