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            Trader move teacher China in a large amount with overseas famous clothing

            Earlier this year, the clothing produces Clothing Co., Ltd. of uniting industry of the giant Director Li Nai (fire is liked ) (Harry Lee ) that (TAL Apparel ) wants to rent a piece of land to build a new factory in the south of China's Mainland. But, he is unchancy , the local government refuses to sell this more than 6 hectares land lying in Dongguan. Being anxious, government it makes resources pressing to reconstruct a large-scale factory, for example to strengthen a already heavy electricity to bear, thus cause the national overheating of economy further. 

            So, the clothing of uniting industry is in Thailand, Malaysia , Taiwan , Indonesia , factory (add mainland existing one factory and Vietnam under construction factory ) of Hong Kong have to put into high gear and step up producing. Li Nai (fire is liked ) says , " the utilization of capacity of all of our factories has already reached and maximized at present. "This Hong Kong -based company of his occupies certain status on the American clothing market, every 8 sold on the American market are in men's style while putting shirts, there is a factory coming from him, the brands involved include Brooks Brothers and J. Crew ,etc.. 

            Recently, a lot of clothing manufacturers will produce the business to transfer numerous and complicatedly to China's Mainland, and global clothing quota system news that expire play the function of adding fuel to the flames especially on will it be January 1 next year. The labor cost is cheap, the thing fluid tends towards being perfected, the raw materials purchade channel is convenient, all these become advantage of China's Mainland. 

            But clothing experience of big company like that , expand business some obstacles store in in continent just as person who unite, such as excessive to works overtime , reach the requirement of safe regulation to wait a moment for numerously to between customer and worry , factory of labour condition from government restriction on land utilization. Perry Ellis International Inc. Executive vice president cloth auspicious for · profit A Kenya (Bradley Arkin ) say,for looking for not for place not new that trousers load withing, the administrative staff of the company visited the factories of 21 continents recently, but only two factories can pass company's strict examination . 

            Next year, U.S.A. will probably implement temporary import quota to some clothing kinds in China (the post loss of manufacturing industry is still a hot political issue of U.S.A. abroad). If after World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization ) will cancel the global fabrics and clothing quota in January of next year, trousers , shirt or other clothing that China is domestic pour into U.S.A. in a large amount, U.S.A. may start these special protective quotas lasting 3 years . 

            This mean, manufacturer can face risk that sewing machine leave unused perhaps next year in clothing that China make the investment on a large scale. So, the steps of a lot of companies become meticulous. Vice-president of S.Korean Nobland International Sonny Lee says , " we hope to put the paces of entering China very slowly. "This company processes the clothing, including Liz Claiborne Inc for a lot of top-grade brands. Kenneth Cole, the Laundry, Lucky Brand and Juicy Couture,etc.,produce business at Vietnam yet at China's Mainland setting up getting heavier most in it factory. 

            Though face uncertainty, a lot of clothes companies still plan to offer some new business to the factory in continent from next year. Perry Ellis President and concurrently chief executive chairman George · fee steps on Chris (George Feldenkreis ) and says, the goods which the company purchased from China's Mainland have already accounted for 27% at present, this proportion may be increased to nearly 50% within 5 years. He says , China will most likely become the largest fabrics producing area in the world, so it is rational to set up the production base of clothing in the place close to these raw materials. 

            However, it can not be so easy to set up the business of producing in a China factory. July of this year, two persons of management on the senior level of Perry Ellis --A and Kenya and Bility Yim are gone to Dongguan to visit one to unite the safe holding (Luen Thai Holdings ) factory managing by Hong Kong, is it see the big factory with about 5,000 workers could process for company in men's style to install shirts to want. Perry Ellis purchases and puts shirts from other manufacturers of Southeast Asia and India at present. 

            The result makes people both worried and glad. In unite under Thai holding WeiLi (Willie Tan ) Chen , director of business , lead, A between Kenya and Yim visit one day totally in factory. They say , this factory of Hi-Tech has left a lasting impression on them, factory have one advanced technique center, clothing is it wash , is it put at fire examining durability of them even to dye to go on in here. Unite the safe biggest customer including American emporium chain Dillards Inc. With Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. . 

            But Kenya and Yim of A have some worry to product quality. In the course of visiting, they have examined the quality of the ready-made clothe, and ask constantly to Chen WeiLi. While seeing a lot turbaned women immerse oneself in work quietly in front of the sewing machine that Japan produce, A is willing to asked , " what arrange the sewing machine there is this floor ? "The reply that he receives is row 19. Then, he has picked up the shirts with the clothing collar button of some Ralph Lauren from one pile while processing the good ready-made clothe, check their workmanship carefully. He finds very disappointedly , the collarbands of a lot of shirts are not very sharp, some stitches are not peaceful and whole . He explains , " a lot of small details need paying attention to. " 

            Selling vice-president Kelvin Ching signs and says , " you are too careful to accompany the antithetical couplet visited and control interest safely. "A is willing to still point out , some cases have blocked the fire control bolt of the floor. He can't help wrinkling the nose after checking one and hanging the first-aid kit mixed and disorderly on the factory wall. 

            It shows , it is making great efforts to improve surface fabric , enclosure and quality of sewing course to unite and control interest safely. Some customers are still training company staff to meet their specific quality requirement. Chen WeiLi says , he believes the big factory like his factory can offer more services to the customer , produce etc. from what has been designed to new products rapidly. 

            However, some clothing retailers claim , the factory large in scale is often difficult to manage, influence that the cost that this unfavourable factor has exceeded the scale effect and brought saves . Some big factories are not very good at producing the high quality products of the short run sometimes. Lee of Nobland says, the big factory has its advantages , but they are suitable for the big customer or customer who is bought 500,000 of each kind of style of need like Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart ) , Target. 

            The question that enterprises violate the labour law can't be ignored either. The fee of Perry Ellis steps on Chris says , workers of China often work all through the night, including weekend. However, this conflicts with labour law of China. The management claims in the family property , it is not the same that labour law stipulates all parts, but seldom allow the staff in the working time of every week for over 60 hours. Manufacturer often needs workers to work overtime in a large amount with clothing, especially before changing according to the season. 

            Recently, the management of some clothing circles says , it is very difficult for the clothing factory of such coastal areas of China's Mainland as Dongguan ,etc. to employ workers in fact. Though a large number of peasants are looking for the work of the higher income, the improvement of the rural income is subsiding in temptation of going out to work as a temporary labourer meaning leaving the native place, indicate at the same time , the coastal industrial area may need to improve the level of the wages to attract the workforce , thus make the manufacturer's cost may be improved to some extent. 

            Perhaps the improvement of the wages level in China's Mainland has brought to the clothing industries of other countries the chance of surviving. However, the fee steps on Chris and estimates , China will attract a large amount of overseas business in any case . Can Dongguan in Hong Kong process Perry Ellis put shirt , fee step on Chris say, if the price can keep in the reasonable level , the company is certain to produce there.

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